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"What makes my movements unique comes from a strong educational background, obtaining numerous certifications, and practicing tirelessly on my own while teaching others." 



My life’s passion is to encourage, educate, and empower those around me to live fit and to be well.   

My training style is similar to how I like to live my life: fundamentally sound with a creative, raw, and unpredictable side that will keep you engaged, enthused, and definitely challenged! 

I am grateful for the opportunity to impact people’s lives through fitness and I recognize every person has specific goals and challenges to overcome.  I’m with you to help you see through your goals, no matter how simple or outrageous!

About Maria

I’d like to share a little background so you can get to know me better and how fitness has always been a part of my life.


The beginning.

I started ballet and jazz classes when I was 4 years old and continued on the dance team through high school among other activities such as weight training, mountain bike racing, running, swimming, skiing, and martial arts to name a few. 

My experiences with dance and piano led to my passion of music.  Music moves the soul.  By creatively integrating music with movement, I’ve developed a teaching style that delivers a powerful workout experience.

My first real opportunity to inspire the masses was through aerobic conditioning for my high school’s football team and I was only 13 years old!  At this time, I saw that their traditional training methods needed a complete upgrade.  With a little trust from the coach, I introduced a Jane Fonda- style workout with hi-lo aerobics and the results were a hit.  Realizing how impactful the training was for the players, this experience ignited my passion to be a fitness educator and motivator.

Education and Experience.

My movement creations come from my education, experience, and current practices.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Kinesiology, Penn State University

  • Master's Degree: Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention, California University (PA)

  • Professional Training Certifications: NSCA-CSCS, NASM-PES, ACE, AFAA, and PMA

  • Continuing Education Provider 

  • Master Training Certifications: ISCA, Total Gym, Resist-A-Ball/ Maddog Athletics, and Kettle Bell Concepts

  • National & International Fitness Conference Presenter: CanFit Pro, ECA, DCAC, WSSC, FitBodies

  • Private Certifications: Pole Star Pilates, Powerhouse Pilates, Sanctuary 7 Pilates, Yogafit, Spinning, Pre-/Post-Natal Fitness, Power Plate, TRX, Vippr, X-pert Pole, and Aerial Physique Silks.  

  • Collegiate and Professional Athletic Teams: Duquesne University, California University (PA), Florida Everglades, Johnstown Chiefs, Wheeling Nailers

Creator & Producer.

I am the founder of Groovy Sweat Inc. and the creator of the Plyo Pilates and Plyo Strength  Methods. I instruct workshops, certifications, and master classes on these training styles.  I have been featured in several fitness programs including; Denise Austin, Total Gym, and Kettletics.  I also created my own downloadable workouts including; Plyo Pilates, Groovy Sweat Series, City Series, & Off the Beaten Path (and more).  I apply my extensive background in group fitness, personal training, Pilates, yoga, and performance coaching in my fitness programs.



Call it silly or catchy, Groovy Sweat is my company’s name that stuck. It is the embodiment of my life's work and passion for fitness by improving ones quality of life through movement.  


I have been in the fitness industry inspiring, motivating, and educating all walks of life for over 20+ years (truly).  I’ve seen it all and know that there is not one magical solution to achieve fitness goals, there are many.  Everyone’s needs are different, yet we all require similar skills to fully train the body and functionally move without pain.  My workout style incorporates a combination of diverse movement methods and modalities that I’ve learned and practiced over my lifetime… groovy moves to get you sweaty, at any fitness level!


Movement is a gift and it must be challenged in all modalities to prevent injury and to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Having fun while doing it is what Groovy Sweat is all about!  I feel it’s groovy to sweat, anywhere - anytime by a simple approach.


Are you ready to take a movement journey with me?

About Groovysweat



Dre Baldwin,

former pro basketball player, motivational speaker, author

Maria’s expertise and understanding of my body helped to prolong my playing career and keep me injury-free. My time with Maria coincided with the best-performing years of my playing career.


Giulia F,

Virtual Training Client

I love the results, and each time I look forward to the next session! She is very attentive about my alignment, and she is able to correct every minimum detail even from behind a screen. Every workout is tailored to how I feel that day, and every time Maria creates new moves and flows to make each workout unique and extremely effective.”

Testimonal- Rachel.JPG


20x marathoner, 3:10 personal best and 89k ultra marathoner runner

At age 43 I’m faster, leaner and stronger than ever, thanks to Maria. She consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone by tailoring my programs to target my fitness goals. Take it from me, one who’s invested time, money, and has tried every workout known to mankind, Maria is the real deal! 


Patricia Gil,

Virtual Training Client

María is quickly able to tailor her workouts to meet your overall physical goals and she doesn’t let proper form evade you! I’ve tried many types of workouts over the years, however I’ve never had anything this challenging and effective.  In just a few weeks I was leaner with more defined muscles, and I felt great.

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