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Are you working out hard and not seeing results?


Let a professional fitness coach solve the missing link and design a structured program personalized for you and your specific goal.


Whether you are an athlete preparing for the upcoming season, training for a wedding, getting back into shape, or need help recovering from an injury, there is probably something you could be doing better.


This program is for people who already have a training habit and know how to work out but need professional guidance to get their desired results.

If this is not your case, you might be interested in my Virtual Personal Training Program. 


One initial consultation to cover everything about you, including your health history, your diet, your current daily activities, and your fitness goals.

A 6-week fitness plan with specific training exercises that are different each day, are unique to you, and structured for your goals.

Weeks 1-5: 1 hour follow-up meetings held virtually at the end of each to monitor progress, provide support and motivation, assist with questions, and to keep you on track.

Week 6: 1 hour wrap up virtual meeting at the end of week 6 to review everything you have done and compare with the goals you had at the beginning. 

Let me customize your workout program to achieve real results - NOW.

Not ready yet?

No problem.

I am offering a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your goals and share more details pertaining to the customized program.


What happens after I purchase the program?

  • You will be prompted with an online schedule to book your first 1 hour virtual session to begin the program.

  • During this first meeting, we will cover: goals, health history, fitness assessment, and equipment availability.

What happens after our initial 1 hour session?

  • I will take all the information we discussed and begin to develop your personalized 6 week plan! 


How do I receive the program?

  • The entire program will be delivered to you as a PDF for you to refer to at anytime and on any device that works best for you.

  • We will evaluate your progress each week and if necessary, I will make adjustments to the program to ensure you are achieving success.  

  • After week 6, I will send you a final PDF of the program, including any changes made along the way for you to keep.

How do I know what to do with the program?

  • The program will be easy to follow with pictures and links to video demonstrations of the exercises.

  • I will go through the entire program before you begin and you will have a chance to ask questions anytime along the way.

  • We will also set up weekly progress meetings to discuss your progress, questions, comments, and we can make program adjustments based on your feedback.

What if an exercise is hurting me every time I do it?

  • Proper form is essential for any exercise program. 

  • The video demonstrations can be used as helpful guides to ensure proper form. 

  • If pain still persists, omit it and contact me for some additional guidance.

  • I can watch your form and give you feedback with the appropriate corrections or we can replace the exercise with an alternative.



What if I miss a workout on my planned schedule?

  • I understand that unexpected conflicts can come up from time to time.

  • My customized programs will allow for some flexibility so you can stay on target while balancing other important things in your life.

  • But we also have things that can create distractions, especially when the workouts get tough.  I will be monitoring you and will be relying on your dedication to stay committed to the program!


Will you help me with my nutrition?

  • Yes, nutrition is a big part of every fitness goal and will be part of your success.

  • I am a nutrition coach, but I am not a registered dietitian.  So I will be offering you helpful tips, suggestions, and guidelines that will help you obtain the best results. 

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